Debridement And Wound Care Coding


Get Clear On Debridement And Active Wound Care Codes

Confused about when to choose a debridement code and an active wound code? CPT 2011 comes to your rescue with revised debridement guidelines that clarify how to choose between the two CPT code groups.

That is the only documentation item you need to determine the correct code explained Chad Rubin, M.D., FACS, American College of Surgeons AMA Specialty Society Relative Value Scale update committee alternate member at the AMA joint presentation, general surgery.

Active wound care which has a zero day global period is for active wound care of the skin, dermis or epidermis. For deeper wound care, use debridement codes in the appropriate location.

CPT codes 11040 to 11041 have been deleted. The parenthetical notes that appear under the codes deletion reads, “For debridement of skin meaning epidermis and the dermis only, use 97597 or 97598.”

The codes are then revised to reflect this change. For instance, 11042 removes skin and add after subcutaneous tissue, includes epidermis and dermis if performed.

Codes 97597’s revision involves mainly rewording to make clear how active wound care is separate from integumentary wound care. CPT 2011 includes guidelines that indicate two requirements for active wound care management. These medical coding guideline stresses that the intent must be for active wound care procedures performed to remove the vitalized and/or necrotic tissue and promote healing.

In addition, direct patient contact is required. A new CPT T-code has been introduced in the CPT category III section. This code is for a screening test of pure tone audiometry that's automated. The difference between these two is 92551 requires that a technician or an audiologist or physician provide the service.

There's also a computer program and system that provides that same screening test. In these cases, the values that are associated for 92551 which involves a technician work is not appropriate to report.

Therefore, CPT has created a code specifically for using the computer test instead. There will be a note appearing after CPT code 92551 to remind practices that for automated audiometry, they need to be looking at the T-codes.

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