Keep a Track of Physician Quality Reporting System Changes


Keep a Track of Physician Quality Reporting System Changes

If you participated in Physician Quality Reporting System in the past, you should ensure that you are mindful of the changes. Each year, there are multiple changes. This thing is really evolving. So, don't take for granted for an instance that you know what you're doing because you started this in 2007 or 2008. Each year, you need to make sure you're checking and aware of what has changed.

There are obviously eligibility changes. If you were an ineligible provider last year, you might be eligible this year. So check for that. There are multiple structure changes. Obviously the bonus has gone higher from 1.5% to 2%.

There is a new reporting option. We've got a new electronic health record reporting option and you also have a new group practice reporting option.

There are differences and changes in the reporting thresholds, also in the reporting of the frequencies of the measures and which measures are actually paired PQRI (now PQRS) measures So, in other words, if you choose to report on one, there is a paired measure or another measure that you're going to have to report on as well or you're not going to get credit.

All of these PQRS measure changes are contained in a document that you need to download and look at the measures that are applicable to your practice. And then, check and make sure that there haven't been any pertinent deletions, additions or edits within that document.

You need to go to the actual Medicare website and take a look at what the tools that they have. Actually, on the left portion of the screen, once you navigate to the side, you'll see multiple links and this is where you need to go to get the actual information that's going to help you.

The AMA website also provides some really good information especially for coders, some step-by-step tools.

In the Medicare website, You would click on the Medicare link. And then you would slide on down to the quality initiatives and you'll see Physician Quality Reporting System. And in this area over here, you'll see the various links that contain the data that you're looking for.

The most important one is these measures, codes link. And at the bottom, you'll see there is a download section. This is very important. This contains the implementation guide and of course, the measure specification's manual that contain the specific directions for each of the codes that you're looking for.

Once again, very important that you are familiar and comfortable or at least someone in your organization is frequent to this website and understands how to navigate through it.

Get more information on PQRS measures; visit our Physician Quality Reporting System page.