Medical Coding and Billing

  • 2014 CPT Changes – How Physician Assistant Would Look like Under the Category of NPP

    In 2014, the CMS has defined for everyone what advanced practice nurse would look like or the physician assistant would look like under the category of non-physician practitioners or non-physician qua......

  • Failed Vasectomy and Sperm Granuloma

    Wondering how to bill for Failed Vasectomy and Sperm granuloma? Help is here. Findings: persistent sperm seen in the semen specimen four months after a vasectomy with the left vasal mass palpable is a......

  • FAQs in Male Infertility Coding and Billing

    Q1. How can one determine which carrier will or will not pay for infertility services and studies?” Answer: That has been a problem for urology offices for the last few years. Fortunately, mor......

  • Common problems in Male Infertility and Vasectomy Technology

    The code for a vasectomy is 55250. In vasectomy, whether you do it unilateral or bilateral, it includes postoperative semen examinations. This is the code that most urologists use when they perform a ......

  • Demystifying Vasectomy Coding

    During vasectomy consultations, usually a patient is sent by his primary care physician. If you follow Medicare rules for consultations, then there is no problem in determining whether this represents......

  • Clinical Scenarios Concerning Male Infertility

    The common clinical scenarios concerning male infertility, for instance, azoospermia – no sperm cells seen in the ejaculate, ICD-9 code 606.0. Procedure: scrotal exploration, bilateral testicula......

  • Coding for Microsurgical Techniques in Male Infertility

    When coding for microsurgical surgery for infertility the code for microscope use code +69990. As you can see there's a plus sign in front of this number, it appears in the CPT manual. Do not use the ......

  • Significance of Lesions and Modifiers in Screening or Diagnostics of a Colonoscopy Procedure

    If you have a technique that is being used, it does not matter how many lesions that technique is used on. The technique or the CPT code is only coded once. But if you have a different lesion that you......

  • Coding Surgical Procedures in Male Fertility

    The code for the epididymal biopsy is –54865 –exploration of the epididymis with or without biopsy. This is an open procedure and can be used for unilateral or bilateral, and has a 90-day ......

  • Factors Essential In Deciding Screening Or Diagnostic Procedures In Colonoscopy

    The CPT Assistant article have been tremendously informative over the years in helping people who are not doctors, who are not in that clinical environment to understand the different techniques exact......

  • Male Infertility Surgical Procedures Coding

    In male infertility surgical procedures, for sperm aspiration many use microsurgical technology— where a microscope is used to perform the procedures. For instance, we have a microsurgical epidi......

  • Using CPT Codes for Colonoscopy Procedures

    There are types of colonoscopy where we have the submucosal injection. We may use this to tattoo an area so that we can lift it up, so that they can see it better or in subsequentsurgery.So this is an......

  • Simplifying Male Infertility Coding

    In male infertility, coding for various semen analyses is tricky. For instance, when using code 89300 for semen analysis, we look for the motility of sperm. And this also includes a Huhner test which ......

  • Diagnostic Vs Screening In Colonoscopy

    If we have a high risk person and again these are looking at Medicare guidelines, every two years or as the languages that we frequently see, at least 23 months have passed. Now, why do they say it t......

  • Common Male Infertility Diagnoses

    Previously, only few private and commercial insurance carriers were covering male infertility services. Fortunately, in recent time, more carriers have started covering the same. It would be important......

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