Medical Coding Training: Implement a Successful PQRS Plan


You don't have to spend hours upon hours researching and reviewing countless web pages to learn how to participate in the Physician Quality Reporting System program. One of the most important things to initially do is to choose quality measures that pertain to your every day urological practice; the clinical problems and conditions that you usually treat.

You may want to choose types of care typically performed and provided such as acute, chronic or preventive. You may want to choose settings where the care is usually administered such, us in an office or in the OR. You must certainly understand the specifications or healthcare guidelines for each quality measure chosen. You should plan how to identify qualifying and eligible patients for whom you're going to report quality measures. You should create a well designed fail safe process to capture and document the right codes for the right claims.

Preparing for the PQRS Participation

You should assign jobs for your staff to proceed with getting ready for reporting Physician Quality Reporting System. And they should and you should be involved in informing flow sheets and templates for capturing the data that you are going to report on.

You certainly should look to update software that you have and to include and bill PQRS quality data codes. You should ensure and be sure that your clearing house can submit these new PQRS quality data codes that you will be submitting. And you're going to have to get your involve of your IT people for your computer to carry these codes.

Working Within the PQRS

You certainly should select and use only urological quality measures that pertain to your practice. And we're going to be talking about some of these physician quality reporting measures for urology. Again, you must establish some type of method to capture and report the quality measures almost on an everyday basis. You should encourage all The urologists in your practice to take part in this reporting of quality PQRS measures because this will ensure bonus payments at the end of the year.

Eligible Professionals

The EPs who may report quality measures. And as you can see this would be a Doctor of Medicine, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Optometry, Oral Surgeon, Dentist and Chiropractor.

Also the eligible professionals will be many of the non-physician providers, a PA, a Nurse Practitioner, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife and many others including added this year a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist. These individuals can all take part and report quality measures in their practices as per healthcare rules.

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