Spot-On Facility Medical Coding for CPT Infusions and Injections


Revisit the descriptors and make sure you're comfortable with coding for all of these different services. Read these expert medical billing and coding training article for more.

You can't code it correctly if it's not documented correctly. So, the requirements are going to be the same in terms of documentation of start and stop times on our IV's, our infusions, hydration, et cetera, and all of the default information in there.

If it's less than 15 minutes or less, you know, it will be called an injection or a push depending on what category it's in, et cetera. So those of you doing the facility medical coding, just want to revisit that again. If you were coding for it previous years, the descriptors haven't changed but the codes have, which means that somebody has to make sure that they get these code changes in your CDM as quickly as possible.

Remember that as per the updated medical coding guidelines, no Medicare payment is going to be made for 90768, 90779 which have now been translated to 96368 and 96376. Those are not payable. Those are bundled into other services, et cetera. So, you need to be aware of that in terms of your charge master and how you're working with that.

And now we will talk about PQRI. It also has a very significant impact on documentation because you can't code for a lot of these services if they're not documented appropriately. And certainly, you have certain diagnosis that have to match certain procedure codes in order to get, you know, kind of get the coding considered for your PQRI bonuses, et cetera. So it's real important that you stay up on this.

If any of you thought maybe this was going to go away and we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore I'm here to tell you it's going to be even more significant as we move ahead for both hospitals and physician practices. So, your physicians may start to get some feedback -- excuse me -- from medical records, you know, about documenting certain services as well.

So, it's real important that you as medical coding professionals and those of you on the call that may be physicians keep an eye on all of this and other medical coding updates and guidelines. You can monitor the CMS website, And when you get in there, you'll see a whole area on PQRI. There's a tremendous amount of information available as well as all the updates to the programs and how it all works.

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