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Two EMTALA Violations causes in Hospital Emergency Department

Understand why EMTALA violation are so common how you can control two common violation in your hospital Emergency Department.

Two Surprising—But Common—Causes of EMTALA Violations The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) is full of concepts that seem straightforward, so why are EMTALA violations so common for hospitals? Although EMTALA requirements are seemingly simple, they quickly get confusing when they’re applied to real More..

5 Tips for CMS Compliant Copy and Paste in EHR

Know how Physician can keep your EHR as per CMS compliance for healthcare.

5 Tips for Compliant Copy and Paste Like most healthcare professionals, you’re short on time. That’s no surprise, since many practices must see more patients than ever just to stay afloat. That increased patient volume, plus burdensome documentation requirements, make it tempting to look for More..


How (and Why) to Build a Telemedicine Practice

Smart: Account for costs as well as potential savings—and prep for compliance challenges

Twenty years ago, telehealth was more concept than reality, popular among visionaries but absent from most doctors’ offices. Today, telehealth is a rapidly growing industry changing the way practitioners and patients interact. The technology and the capabilities change almost daily. And then there are the More..