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Shoulder Surgery Coding

Don’t Give Orthopedic Coding Changes the Cold Shoulder

Get to know the latest ICD-10 and make 2019 a maximum-reimbursement kind of year

You’re facing more than 300 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) and more than 450 ICD-10 coding changes for 2019—and many orthopedic coding changes among them. Unfortunately, none of these changes will make your shoulder surgery coding any easier. From bundling and modifier usage, to the growing More..

Ophthalmology Coding

Gear Up for Chapter 7 Changes to 2019 ICD-10 Ophthalmology Coding

Plus: Look for new code sets in Chapter 2, including C44 carcinomas

Here comes a plethora of new and revised ICD-10-CM codes for ophthalmology and optometry—from more specific code choices to identify the affected eye and eyelid, to brand-new code sets for rosacea conjunctivitis and “droopy brows.” Make sure you’re ready to use the new codes come More..

ob-gyn ICD-10 Codes Changes

Get Specific: New Ob-Gyn ICD-10 Codes Include 2 For ‘Post-Baby Blues’

Plus: Add codes for uterine doubling and multiple-gestation pregnancies to your toolbox

Ready for more ICD-10-CM updates? Over 500 diagnostic coding changes will take effect on October 1, 2018—with more than 30 specifically focused on obstetrics and gynecology. Significant ob-gyn ICD-10 codes changes cover everything from maternal depression to uterine disorders, notes coding and compliance instructor Lori More..