ProfEdOnDemand Learning Management Solutions

It is critical that all the members of healthcare teams are on the same page and have the training they need. This means they need access to the right information, right when they need it. Our LMS makes it easier for your teams to share information and access required training materials. ProfEdOnDemand can help you deliver a learning and certification program that is easy to use and track progress with.

Why ProfEdOnDemand LMS:

  • Streamlines compliance training and certifications
  • Supports HIPAA with secure email, HTTPS, FTPS, FDA CFR Part 11
  • Provides the right content and materials on-demand
  • Coordinates geographically separated teams
  • Delivers comprehensive reporting that is readily available
  • Offers easy user management and self-directed learning
  • Provides a clear visibility of your employees training journey
  • Allows you to keep a tight control over training spends and outcomes

Maximize training opportunities while managing other tasks:

By partnering with ProfEdOnDemand, you can train your staff even when you're not there. Our online conferences, webinars and tools are an excellent example of how you can give your employees the information online while you accomplish other tasks.

Get started quickly and easily by customizing the LMS to include your facility's logo and image so that employees recognize the system as an extension of your current website. No special technical knowledge is required to add courses to the website.

To know more, connect with our friendly, experienced ProfEdOnDemand representative who will provide you with support every step of the way.

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