How to Change Payroll Frequency

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Get Informed On Payroll Frequency Change Challenges


You may have good reasons to alter the frequency of your payroll schedule—but doing so is a daunting endeavor, requiring careful planning. There are numerous variables to consider before making the switch—including state rules, employee earnings, and fringe benefit accruals. Plus, timing is everything! The time of the switch will impact your Form W-2 issuance (if Jan. 1), salary employees (if mid-year), and fringe benefit calculations (if based on a pay-period timeframe). Don’t make the decision lightly—or without guidance.

Learn exactly how to handle a payroll frequency change from HR expert Vicki M. Lambert in this information packed webinar. She explains the compliance issues you must confront before you take even the first step, such as: Does your state permit the new, proposed frequency? And are any employee pre-notifications required? Plus, you’ll learn how changing your payroll frequency will affect employees and your financial systems and procedures.

After attending this audio event, you’ll be prepared to formulate a functional payroll frequency change plan. You will have the insight necessary to communicate your plan, step by step, to employees—as well as implement the change and then test the outcome.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you how to:

  • Understand the need for a payroll frequency change
  • Evaluate the different payroll frequency choices available
  • Understand compliance issues that are involved in making this change
  • Recognize the change’s impact on your payroll
  • Realize the change’s impact on your employees
  • Comprehend the change’s impact on systems and procedures
  • Communicate key factors of this change to employees at all stages of the change
  • Formulate the plan to implement the payroll frequency change
  • Test the frequency change before implementation
  • Implement the payroll change and evaluate the outcome

Who Should Attend

  • Payroll professionals
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Accounting personnel
  • Business owners
  • Lawmakers
  • Attorneys, or any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and technicalities of ensuring compliance within the payroll process
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About Our Speaker

Vicki M. Lambert

Vicki M. Lambert, CPP, is President and Academic Director of The Payroll Advisor™, a firm specializing in payroll education and training. The company’s website offers a payroll news service which keeps payroll professionals up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations.

With over 35 years of hands-on experience in all facets of payroll functions as well as over 20 years as a trainer...   More Info
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