Get Inspection-Ready: Learn the Legal Aspects of Occupational Health and Safety

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Stop Fearing OSHA Inspectors: Know Your Rights


Few organizations strike fear into the heart of small- and medium-sized businesses like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its inspectors. And that fear is not unwarranted—OSHA inspections that go wrong can disrupt operations, result in heavy fines, and ruin your reputation.

Smaller businesses are at extra risk because they typically don’t have in-house safety pros or legal counsel who are familiar with workplace safety laws. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

In this information-packed live webinar, safety expert Jarred O’Dell lays out the OSHA inspection process from beginning to end—and teaches you both what to expect from the agency and how to protect yourself and your business. He’ll give you an insider’s take on the legal aspects involved in an inspection and possible citation so that you have the information you need to survive and thrive during an OSHA inspection.

When it comes to overcoming fear, knowledge is power. After attending this audio event, you will understand the entire OSHA inspection process, the citation and citation appeals process, and your rights during the inspection and citation process. You’ll also know how to establish a proactive, well-developed organizational policy for OSHA compliance inspections. Stop fearing the worst and start preparing for success!

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what you will uncover:

  • The OSHA inspection process
  • The citation and citation appeals process
  • Who’s who in multi-employer citations and how to defend your organization from a multi-employer citation
  • Employer rights during the inspection and citation process
  • Elements to consider when devising an organizational policy for OSHA compliance inspections

Who Should Attend:

  • Junior, mid, and senior-level safety professionals
  • Human resource managers and directors who oversee organizational health and safety programs
  • Senior members of organizational safety committees
  • Supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents who oversee the organizational health and safety
  • Members of organizational legal departments not well versed in OSHA law
  • Organizational leaders interested in management systems and organizational leadership techniques related to safety
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About Our Speaker


Jarred O'Dell is the Safety Director for Syracuse Utilities and an instructor at the OSHA Region II Education Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Jarred holds the credential of Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and is currently working on his doctorate in safety sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He is also a published safety researcher and has written many safety articles.

Jarred’s safety efforts have been recognized by his peers...   More Info
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