Behavioral Interviews—500% More Effective Than Traditional Methods

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Fix Your Interview Process to Hire Right with Behavioral Interviewing


Behavioral interviews have been increasing in popularity with HR professionals and recruiters, and for good reason. A study found that traditional interviewing predicted future employee success only 10 percent of the time, whereas behavioral-based interviewing improved the success rate by over 500 percent. Behavioral interviewing is a technique that leverages the concept that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. If you’re still using traditional interviewing techniques by focusing on hypothetical questions instead of uncovering the candidate’s real past behavior, you need to fix your outdated interview process before it’s too late.

Learn how to increase your success rate and hiring effectiveness in this webinar by human resources and management expert Bob Verchota. Verchota will share the "SOAR" method for creating behavioral based questions, and show you how to uncover the “real” person through 43 behavioral-based questions. He will reveal his top 10 tips for interviewers, along with 15 key competencies that you can add to your job descriptions and include in your interviews. He will explain the source of interviewer rater errors so that you know how to avoid them, and share a list of 338 useful interview questions to help you evaluate and find better candidates.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to use behavioral interviewing to achieve increased success and effectiveness in hiring, which in turn will increase employee retention and minimize 'turnover'.

Session Highlights:

You will learn:

  • The "SOAR" method of creating behavioral interview questions
  • 43 tried-and-tested behaviorally-based questions to uncover the "real" person
  • 15 behavioral competencies for job descriptions and interviewing
  • How to uncover potential honesty and integrity problems
  • How to link corporate values to employee selection
  • The source of interviewer rater errors 
  • The value of accurate job previews
  • 338 useful interview questions
  • Top 10 tips for interviewers
  • Acceptable and unacceptable inquiries

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Generalists
  • Employment specialists
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Front-line supervisors
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About Our Speaker

Bob Verchota

Bob Verchota, SPHR, is the President and owner of RPVerchota & Associates, a human resources and management practices consulting firm. He has over 30 years of human resources and operational leadership experience. His most recent corporate assignments include serving as VP Support Services, VP of Ancillary Services and Human Resources, and VP Human Resources. Focus areas include organization change and employee development, talent acquisition, risk management, compensation and benefits, labor...   More Info
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