If It Wasn't Documented, It Didn't Happen: Legal & Effective Discipline & Documentation

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60 minutes
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Learn to Utilize Discipline as a Performance Management Tool For Improving Employee Performance


In our litigious society, it has become more and more important for managers and supervisors to know how to document and discipline employees to avoid law suits and manage employee performance effectively. In this session, veteran training professionals Judi Clements will give managers a “crash course” in safe, legal, and effective disciplinary practices and documentation. You will learn how to separate poor performance from poor attitude, counsel employees, and write performance improvement plans. You will learn how to keep a legal performance log to document both good and substandard performance and implement discipline with confidence and accuracy.

After attending this session, you will learn how to discipline and document effectively and legally – to utilize discipline as a performance management tool for improving employee performance, and to protect managers and organizations from adverse legal action when possible. You will also learn to utilize clear documentation and disciplinary strategies that will protect you, your organization, and your department, as well as improve the overall productivity of your employees.

Judi will discuss how to nip performance problems early before they escalate, document them properly, and deal with terminations. You will learn the value of fair and consistent discipline and how it impacts your employees and your organization. By attending this session, you will have the confidence to deal with a wide variety of disciplinary issues even when they are complex, and will feel like you can face them with knowledge and experience.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • How to analyze poor work performance and help employees turn it around
  • Avoiding the negative consequences of inadequate documentation and discipline
  • How to utilize the range of disciplinary options
  • How to respond quickly and appropriately to common disciplinary infractions
  • Keeping legal performance logs
  • How to distinguish between subjective and objective documentation
  • How to work with employees to develop performance improvement plans
  • Ways to protect managers and their organization from legal landmines
  • How HR professionals working with all levels, can utilize disciplinary and documentation best practices

Who Should Attend

  • Senior HR professionals
  • HR analysts
  • HR managers and directors
  • HR personnel
  • Employee relations professionals
  • Directors
  • Vice presidents
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Shift leaders, and all employees
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About Our Speaker

Judi Clements | Management Training Speaker

Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, professional development, and customer service. Judi is a frequently sought after conference speaker who offers cutting-edge programs with a "laugh-while-you-learn" approach. She is a New York State certified teacher, trained mediator, and qualified Myers Briggs ® Personality Type...   More Info
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