Onboard Millennials: Create A Multi-Generational Workforce

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Incorporate, Engage, and Retain Millennial Employees with Better Onboarding Strategies


Millennials are taking the employment landscape by storm and will represent nearly 50% of workforce by 2020. They have been called unique, lazy, highly intelligent, part of the “trophy generation” and more. It really doesn’t matter how you feel about this younger population because they are here to stay and they will definitely impact your bottom line. What’s important is to develop mechanisms to engage with them and create synergy among all your workers—whether millennials, baby boomers or Gen Xers.

Learn how to get millennials off to a great start in this information-packed audio presentation by Human Resources specialist Carol Hacker. She will show you how to define job expectations, set clear objectives, engage all staff members in welcoming and incorporating new hires, and identify and capitalize on individual employees’ strengths to benefit the entire team. Hacker will also explain how a management structure that is “circular” rather than “hierarchical” may be more appropriate for multi-generational work environments.  And she’ll explain how to earn buy-in for your organization’s culture, values, and vision.

This high-content webinar is for leaders committed to developing long-term careers by providing millennials with a framework for what you expect and need. Millennials might not fit your preconceived profile of an employee, but if you nurture the right skills they can be your greatest assets. And it all starts with stellar onboarding.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you how to:

  • Engage Millennials from day one—and commit to long-term career development
  • Define expectations about the job requires, now and in the future
  • Include all staff members in the onboarding process to develop productive attitudes toward new hires
  • Inspire millennials to put forth their best efforts
  • Utilize a management structure that is “circular” rather than “hierarchical”
  • Quickly bring Millennials into the cultural fold by giving them structure and promoting self-sufficiency
  • Demonstrate your willingness to listen to millennials’ ideas, values, and motivators

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Executives that have responsibilities for leading a team of one or more people.
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About Our Speaker

Carol Hacker | Human Resources management  Speaker

Carol Hacker is the former Director of Human Resources and Safety for the North American Division of a European manufacturer, Employee Relations Manager for the Miller Brewing Company, and County Office Director for the US Department of Labor.  Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Carol has been the President and CEO of Hacker & Associates since January 1989.  She specializes in teaching HR professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and executives...   More Info
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