The Disruptive Practitioner: A Danger to a Hospital's Operations

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William Mack Copeland, MS, JD, PhD, LFACHE
60 minutes
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Bad Workers: How to Protect Patients, Sustain Operations, and Cut Ties


Unfortunately, disruptive practitioners are a fact of life in many health care settings – the person may be violent, verbally abusive, or a simple obstacle to smooth functioning. You can’t wish the person away – swift, decisive action is called for. One of the worst parts about having a problem person on staff is that a good set of policies could have quashed the problem before it got out of hand.

Join health care legal expert William Mack Copeland in this detail-packed webinar as he illustrates just how bad a disruptive team member can be, what policies could be used to confront him or her, and what sorts of disciplinary measures may be called for.

After attending this live audio event, you will have an understanding of disruptive practitioner policies, corrective action procedures, and a steps staff can take to ensure that the disruptive activity does not affect patient care or operations. You will also know what documentation you need to have and how to record the problems and steps you took to combat them. Don’t let one out-of-control staffer bring your institution down – prepare today!

Session Objectives

  • What constitutes disruptive behavior
  • How to develop a policy to tackle it, what it should include, and how it should be implemented
  • Keeping staff, patients, and operations safe and running efficiently
  • How to document evidence and what records you need
  • How to terminate a practitioner’s privileges and medical staff membership

Session Highlights

  • Disruptive practitioner policies
  • Corrective action procedures
  • What constitutes disruptive behavior
  • Steps the institution and/or staff should take to see that the disruptive activity does not affect patient care or operations

Who Should Attend

  • Hospital executives
  • Medical staff officers
  • Physicians serving on peer review committees
  • Medical support staff
  • Attorneys representing medical staff
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About Our Speaker

William Mack Copeland

William Mack Copeland, MS, JD, PhD, LFACHE, practices health care law in Cincinnati at the firm of Copeland Law, LLC.  He is also president of Executive & Managerial Development Group, a consulting entity providing compliance and other fraud and abuse related services.  A graduate of Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Bill is a frequent author and speaker on health law topics. He is a...   More Info
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