The 10 Day HIPAA Compliance Plan - 10 Steps to Achieve Compliance and Avoid HIPAA Issues

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While all HIPAA-covered entities and business associates (BAs) are subject to the HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification rules, not all entities have done all that’s necessary to comply. Are you among them? If you aren’t in compliance with the HIPAA rules and you have a privacy or security incident affecting protected health information (PHI), your organization can face serious penalties.


Attend this 90-minute webinar with expert speaker Jim Sheldon-Dean, to get to the basics of HIPAA compliance and identify current compliance issues that should be addressed to ensure a clean report in any review. This session will cover HIPAA compliance in a “10-day” format and focus on the work to be done according to 10 steps or topic areas, which will assist the HIPAA Privacy or Security Officer to make progress in compliance and document it effectively.


Session Highlights: [The 10-day HIPAA Compliance Plan]


Day 1: Research of Your Operations
Day 2: Limitations on Uses and Disclosures
Day 3: Patient Rights under HIPAA
Day 4: HIPAA Risk Analysis
Day 5: HIPAA Security Safeguards
Day 6: HIPAA Security and Breach Notification Policies and Procedures
Day 7: Documentation of Policies and Procedures
Day 8: Training in Policies and Procedures Related to HIPAA
Day 9: Verification and Audits of Compliance
Day 10: Long-Term Compliance Planning and Risk Management


Benefits of the Session:

  •     Ensure you have the right policies, procedures and documentation for compliance.
  •     Ensure appropriate patient rights and controls on your PHI uses and disclosures.
  •     Perform appropriate analysis of confidentiality, integrity, and availability risks of electronic PHI.
  •     Protect your PHI from exposure through accidental acts – loss of a data holding device, intentional acts, and attacks of health information by hackers.
  •     Understand various HIPAA-defined safeguards.
  •     Identify policies and procedures that must be implemented to protect the privacy and security of PHI


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About Our Speaker

Jim Sheldon Dean - HIPAA Compliance & Regulations Expert

Jim Sheldon-Dean is a healthcare compliance and HIPAA expert in the areas of privacy and security regulatory compliance and business process analysis. He is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to a wide variety of healthcare entities. Jim is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA...   More Info
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