How to Avoid PHI Breaches and HIPAA Violations While Doing Patient Engagement Through Websites, Marketing and Social Media

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Engage Your Patients through Social Media and Electronic Communication While Avoiding PHI Breaches & HIPAA Violations

We all know the Internet is open for all to see. This includes the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and State Attorney General Enforcement agents. A covered entity’s breach for all to see! Misuse of social media, websites, or marketing can lead to HIPAA violations, lawsuits, and loss of patients and revenue. With HHS audits taking place and current violations with a minimum of $10,000 fines, it is the time for covered entities to become compliant while still keeping patient engagement through the ever growing electronic world.

Email and text message continue to grow with popularity amongst patients and amongst covered entities. Also, they are very prone to breaches. Interceptions, hackers, misdialed numbers can all result in stolen protected health information (PHI) and in HIPAA violations. All resulting in the loss of patients’ privacy, maybe even identity theft, and in loss of funds for the covered entity. Today health records are more valuable than credit card numbers or social security numbers on the black market. As a health care provider or covered entity, it is your responsibility to safeguard PHI.

Whether you have a website, a LinkedIn page, or use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or using email and text message for patient communication, you are exposing your practice/business to a potential breach. Learn how you can effectively use electronic communication, social media and other digital tools while achieving compliance in this webinar by expert speaker Paul R. Hales.

With the Omnibus Rule, covered entities are responsible under HIPAA requirements for all PHI in every email and text message. HIPAA requires that every covered entity has a “duty to warn” and has the responsibility of acquiring consent and keeping proper documentation. And yet this is not being done in a compliant way. Email and text message are subject to the HIPAA Security Rule transmission standard.

Paul will delve into the ways to engage patients through email and text messages, teach you how to safeguard PHI throughout electronic transmission media, and set you on the path to HIPAA compliance.

In this webinar, policies and procedures will be discussed that will help to ensure a compliant understanding of the usage of social media, marketing efforts and website development. This is more than posting a notice or opt-out message. This is an accurate, comprehensive and easy to implement way of patient engagement through examples and recent breaches.

Session Highlights:

  • Patient Engagement Tips: Protect Patients’ Privacy and PHI, Build the Relationship
  • Social Media: Reviews, Testimonials, and Likes, Marketing: Phone Calls, Emails, and Text Messages, & Websites: What to Post and Not to Post
  • Why is Email or Text so significant in HIPAA: Electronic Transmission Media
    • When and when not to Email or Text: Implement Policies and Procedures
    • Duty to Warn, Consent & Documentation: HIPAA Compliance
  • Protecting PHI and ePHI in the Electronic World: Omnibus Rule
  • Real World Examples: Are you Compliant or has there been a Breach?
  • Policies and Procedures for HIPAA-Compliant Social Media Usage, Marketing & Web Development
  • Training your staff on harmful effects of social media, marketing, website and device misuse
  • 3 Steps to protect your practice from violations

Session Agenda: 

  • HIPAA Law explained: Old and New
  • Social Media Marketing Policy: Facebook, LinkedIn,
  • Healthcare provider’s website: Policies and best practices
  • Email: Text communication with patients
  • Posting of patient’s photographs
  • PHI and ePHI and its relation to privacy and security rule
  • What is a valid HIPAA authorization?
  • HIPAA Compliant vs. TCPA Compliant

Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare, Marketing for Healthcare
  • Medical Providers
  • Website Designers and Social Media Experts for Healthcare
  • HIPAA Compliance Official (HIPAA Officer)
  • Compliance Director
  • Practice Manager
  • Privacy Officer
  • Security Officer
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Health Information Manager
  • Healthcare Counsel/lawyer
  • Office Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Chief Clinical Officer
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Departments

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About Our Speaker

Paul R. Hales

Paul R. Hales is an attorney and a leading expert in HIPAA compliance law. After working with large health care providers and the St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS) which coordinates emergency response in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois, Hales found himself concerned with the smaller health care providers. Since smaller providers are as applicable to HIPAA regulations as the large providers, he wondered how to help...   More Info
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