HIPAA Reality Check: Where Do You REALLY Stand?

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Brand Barney, CISSP, QSA, HCISPP
60 minutes
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Minimize Organizational Data Breach Probability Based on Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks to Achieve HIPAA Security Rule Compliance

There exists an enormous and growing gap between what stakeholders believe is happening with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and data security, and the organizational reality. The reality is, healthcare organizations overlook critical security weaknesses that leave patient data exposed in their environments.

Has your office implemented or considered technological safeguards? Many think they have…until a breach or audit provides an expensive education. Healthcare breaches are on the rise. The Ponemon Institute found that recognized criminal attacks in the healthcare industry have risen 125% since 2010. It is imperative that healthcare starts investing in data security.

Unfortunately with HIPAA compliance, (more specifically the HIPAA Security Rule) there exists a general lack of understanding about what it entails, and what tools, processes, and methodologies contribute to a secure environment in which to keep patient data secure. A healthcare organization is a living, breathing entity that collects, transmits, and maintains data. But like the human body, it has weaknesses. An organization’s IT security can become weak over time if it does not receive adequate attention.

Join expert speaker Brand Barney, who has over 10 years of compliance, data security, and database management experience, in this informative session to understand the top misconceptions regarding data security fulfillment. From statistics gleaned from a recent survey of healthcare IT professionals, learn how to successfully reduce the disparity between assumption and reality.

Session highlights:

  • Healthcare metrics and statistics
  • Prominent HIPAA and data security assumptions made in the healthcare industry.
  • Identify and avoid common struggles preventing organizations from completing crucial security improvements to sensitive patient health data.
  • Analyze how to minimize organizational data breach probability based on vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.
  • Tips to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • Understand the gaps that exist between the perception and the reality of security in healthcare.
  • Review how overlooking critical security weaknesses by IT and executives can leave patient data exposed to breaches.
  • Get insights from true stories of bad security practices found during recent healthcare audits.
  • Strategies for security reinforcement with appropriate resources and priority focus.

Who should attend

IT Specialists, Managers, Directors Risk and Compliance Officers, CISOS, Physicians, Doctors, Hospital Administration



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About Our Speaker

Brand Barney

Brand Barney is a Security Analyst for SecurityMetrics and holds CISSP, QSA, HCISPP certifications. With over 10 years of compliance, data security, and database management experience in a number of industries, Barney is responsible for auditing and consulting companies on their data security and compliance. In 2005, he started his technical career working for Henry Schein, assisting dental organizations with dental management software, databases, and networks. Barney...   More Info
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