2018 Compliance Issues, Challenges and Guidance on Precision Medicine

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Compliance Issues, Challenges and Guidance on Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is emerging as a novel approach to disease treatment and prevention. The method allows doctors and researchers to more accurately predict which care approach and prevention strategies work for particular people affected by particular diseases. But the initiative comes with a host of ethical, social, and legal challenges—not the least of which are questions about how to protect patient privacy and identity.

Get the answers you need to move forward with this innovative approach—and ease your legal concerns. Attorney Sidney Welch practices on the cutting edge of the law’s intersection with precision medicine. Join her in this information-packed live webinar as she outlines the unique legal considerations—everything from the role of artificial intelligence to specific malpractice concerns—for healthcare providers interested in practicing precision medicine.

After attending this webinar, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the role of precision medicine in healthcare delivery—and the various legal implications it raises, including the risks of privacy breaches, fraud, abuse, and malpractice and discrimination claims. You will also be equipped to shape your own healthcare practice or business to proactively address these potential legal concerns and the future regulatory landscape.

Session Highlights

In this informative session, you will get answers to key questions:

  • What is precision medicine?
  • What are the associated legal issues?
  • What are the implications of direct-to-consumer testing?
  • What is the role of artificial intelligence?
  • How can you address potential discrimination claims?
  • How can you avoid potential fraud, abuse, and fee waiver issues?
  • How are the privacy issues unique?
  • What are the specific malpractice concerns the practice raises?
  • How can you protect your IP?
  • What are the most recent legislative and industry developments?

Who Should Attend

  • In-house counsel for healthcare providers
  • Business engaged in or considering a role in precision medicine
  • Innovators in the health care field
  • Physicians
  • Compliance Professionals

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About Our Speaker

Sidney S. Welch

Sidney Welch is a trusted advisor to large specialty physician practices and technology companies across the country in their everyday operational, transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters, Ms. Welch provides counsel to clients regarding tomorrow's health care in the following areas of innovation: mhealth and digital health ventures; telehealth; precision medicine; artificial intelligence & machine learning; data aggregation & analytics; and advanced payment & delivery models.  Ms. Welch is...   More Info
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