HIPAA and Law Enforcement: How to Respond to Subpoenas, Orders, and Warrants

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What to Do When the Law Comes Knocking

When served with a subpoena, order, or warrant, healthcare providers are often caught between a rock and a hard place: How to adhere to HIPAA rules while also assisting law enforcement and the judicial process? Police, prosecutors, and defense attorneys often don’t understand what HIPAA is—or the penalties providers can face for running afoul of it. The result? During a law-enforcement event, you may face threats, or simply bad information, when you insist on complying with information confidentiality laws.

Learn to make that struggle less contentious and confusing. Join Kim Stanger, a medical regulations expert, as he guides you through the complicated rules of HIPAA and how to react when the law comes knocking. Stanger will review HIPAA rules—and exceptions to those rules—summarize common state laws that require or allow disclosures; and provide practical guidance on how to respond to orders, subpoenas, and other law enforcement requests.

This conference will arm attendees with documents you can use when responding to judicial orders or law enforcement requests. Plus, you’ll know the details of HIPAA rules and how they are applied in legal settings, and you’ll understand the laws concerning disclosures—both those that permit them and those that prohibit them.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to assist legal investigations while protecting your patients’ information
  • HIPAA rules concerning disclosure and the exceptions to them
  • State laws that allow or prohibit information disclosure
  • How to respond to orders, subpoenas, or law enforcement requests
  • What documents to use when responding to orders or requests

Session Agenda

This session will discuss:

  • HIPAA general rules, civil and criminal penalties
  • HIPAA analysis and how does HIPAA apply
  • Disclosures to avert serious harm
  • Disclosures required by law
  • Common laws requiring disclosure
  • Orders, warrants or administrative requests
  • Subpoenas – Rules differ based on who signs the subpoena
  • Responding to orders or subpoenas
  • Disclosures to apprehend a person
  • Police access to patients under HIPAA – Steps you need to follow
  • How and when to report breach of unsecured PHI

Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare providers including those in physician offices, hospitals, and long term care facilities
  • Healthcare provider administrators
  • Privacy officers
  • HIPAA compliance officers
  • Health information officers and employees

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About Our Speaker

Kim Stanger

Kim Stanger guides facilities and professionals through the many regulatory, transactional, and practical challenges facing the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

He has particular expertise on unique laws facing healthcare providers, including HIPAA, Stark, the Anti-Kickback Statute, EMTALA, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, and licensing requirements. With 20 years of experience, he understands the needs of his healthcare...   More Info
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