2018 Top 10 Emerging Trends in Healthcare – and How They’ll Impact Your Organization

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Transform Healthcare Trends Into Meaningful Compliance Actions

The healthcare environment is constantly changing and evolving, and your stakeholders expect you to keep up with it all. Emerging trends in the healthcare industry aren’t just headlines and fodder for media. Even the biggest-picture trends can impact your organization’s on-the-ground operations, quality, and performance.

Not only must you stay on top of industry developments, you must also incorporate these changes into your day-to-day activities—particularly your risk management, compliance, and auditing tasks.

Join expert speaker Susan Ulrey as she walks you through how to keep up with the healthcare environment’s trends, so you can confidently address your stakeholders’ concerns and needs. These trends affect so many areas, including patient safety, clinical quality, business processes, financial management and strategies, litigation activities, and more.

After attending this information-packed session, you’ll learn about the key emerging trends for the healthcare industry, their impact on your organization, and crucial ways to address the risks that come with operations that aren’t evolving with the times. Find out how other healthcare organizations are successfully addressing those risks and the pitfalls that you need to avoid. Don’t wait to fall behind—address these emerging topics now to: enhance care quality, boost performance, and improve financial results!

Session Highlights

Here’s a taste of what you’ll uncover:

  • The top 10 emerging trends in healthcare right now – and how they’ll impact your organization
  • When and how certain industry changes will affect specific areas of your business, from patient safety and quality of care, to financial management
  • What to expect in external audits, including dreaded Medicare fraud audits, so you can arm yourself against bad outcomes
  • How to perform the most useful billing and coding assessments to optimize deserved reimbursement and prevent costly mistakes
  • Other government audits and Payer audits
  • Your top-priority areas and activities of focus for 2018
  • How to spot emerging trends on your own and incorporate them into your existing risk management, compliance, or audit activities
  • Methods of refining your existing plans to make your organization more nimble when addressing changes in the healthcare industry

Session Agenda

  • Transforming healthcare trends into meaningful compliance actions
  • Top/emerging trends in the healthcare industry
    • New cost saving strategies to replace existing efforts
    • Increased use of technology
    • Disruption of traditional healthcare delivery
    • Continued increase in patient-centric care
    • Continued focus on Quality
  • Top/emerging trends in the regulatory landscape
    • Medicare access & CHIP reauthorization act of 2015 (MACRA)
    • Privacy and security is even more critical and remains a key focus
    • Future of the Affordable Care Act
    • Advancement in value based payments
  • Top/emerging trends for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Top/emerging trends for anti-fraud and other governmental audits
  • Compliance and audit activities
  • Improved cybersecurity compliance activities
  • Improved information technology compliance activities
  • Increased use of data analytics
  • Incident response management activities
  • Robust HIPAA Compliance Program & Activities

Who Should Attend

  • Risk management professionals
  • Compliance professionals
  • Quality Assurance professionals
  • Internal Audit professionals
  • Other professionals who have planning, risk-management, plan-execution responsibilities

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Susan Ulrey - HIPAA Compliance Audit Expert

Susan Ulrey, FCA, CFE, CIA, QIAL, CRISC, CRMA, MBA is a consultant with expertise in strategy, finance, and controls. Her decades of healthcare industry experience spans all company types and sizes. She has served more than 200 clients throughout her career and has been a frequent speaker at more than 40 industry and professional conferences in the last three years.

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