Reviewing and Updating Your Chargemaster For 2019

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Be Profitable While Still Being Compliant

Hospital chargemaster maintenance in itself is quite a laborious task, which is further complicated by the frequently changing coding and reimbursement rules. It's imperative for healthcare providers and facilities to review their chargemaster periodically to ensure compliance with coding standards and federal, state, and commercial payer rules. A miss here can result in claim denials, loss of reimbursement, repayment, and costly, time-consuming litigations.

Join expert speaker Duane C. Abbey in this information-packed audio conference, where he will walk you through a carefully crafted systematic process to audit a chargemaster and help you address your compliance concerns. Abbey will show you how to keep up with all the CPT/HCPCS coding changes, and explain their impacts on the chargemaster. He will also discuss how to balance revenue optimization while still being compliant; whether there should be written chargemaster policies and procedures; about drugs and injections; about nursing services; whether you should be concerned about the cost report; and much more!

After attending this live audio conference, you will learn how clinical personnel should be involved in a chargemaster audit; about different kinds of chargemaster audits; what kinds of policy decisions must be made with the chargemaster; how supplies should be handled; understand why charges are such a big deal; why the revenue codes are sometimes ambiguous; why hospital pricing is such a sensitive area; and much more as shown in the Session Highlights and conference Agenda below.

Session Highlights

After attending this audio conference, you will be able to:

  • Review the chargemaster as a financial tool
  • Determine if all revenue and CPT/HCPCS codes are up-to-date and being properly reported
  • Understand statutory compliance surrounding the chargemaster
  • Appreciate the contractual obligations that hospitals have concerning the setup and use of the chargemaster
  • Review and evaluate the chargemaster through a systematic process
  • Discuss the many compliance concerns surrounding the chargemaster including development of pricing and charges
  • Appreciate the very different requirements made by different third-party payers for coding, billing, and the chargemaster
  • Understand how the chargemaster affects and is affected by different payment systems including DRGs, APCs, MPFS and special hybrids
  • Take the necessary steps to review, update, and improve the chargemaster
  • Review coding changes for CPT, HCPCS, modifiers, and revenue codes

Audio conference Agenda

This audio conference will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the chargemaster form, structure and contents
    • Billing system influence
    • Special service area requirements
    • Chargemaster interfaces
    • Pricing, charge and cost report issues
      • Cost-to-charge ratios
      • Tiered pricing formulas
      • CDM interface to the cost report
      • Transparent pricing
    • Payment Systems
      • DRGs and IPPS
      • APCs and OPPS
      • RBRVS and MPFS
      • Special hybrids – ASCs, provider-based clinics
      • Other changes
    • 2019 coding systems – revenue codes, CPT & HCPCS
      • CPT changes – coding interface
      • HCPCS changes – coding interface
      • Revenue code concerns
      • Modifier changes
  • Chargemaster compliance concerns
    • Statutory
      • Medicare
      • Medicaid
      • HIPAA TSC
    • Contractual
      • Private payers
      • Types of contracts and payments
  • Chargemaster updating review process for 2019
    • Personnel – team
    • Update audit objectives
    • Types of audit
    • Conduct of audit
    • Results from audit
  • Chargemaster policies & procedures – judgment metrics
  • Special situations – example and case studies
  • Chargemaster coordinator action steps

Who Should Attend

  • Chargemaster coordinators
  • Billing and claims generation personnel
  • Compliance personnel
  • Patient financial management personnel
  • Cost accounting personnel
  • Cost report personnel
  • Financial analysts
  • Managed care contract personnel
  • Revenue enhancement personnel
  • Chief financial officers
  • Chief compliance officers
  • Financial planners
  • Internal audit staff
  • Utilization review staff
  • Revenue cycle specialists
  • All other hospital personnel interested in the chargemaster

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the LIVE event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker

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Duane Abbey Hospital Coding & Compliance Expert

 Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D. is a management consultant and president of Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc., which specializes in healthcare consulting and related areas. Duane earned his graduate degrees at the University of Notre Dame and Iowa State University and has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant. He performs various types of financial analysis involving business structuring, organizational development, enrolment and other financially related concerns of organizations....   More Info
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