Hospital Patient Safety Systems: Learn to Comply with TJC & CMS RCA Requirements

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Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD
120 minutes
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QAPI Worksheet: Learn what constitutes a medical error or near miss

Hospitals must protect patients in their care, and comply with the quality assurance and per-formance improvement (QAPI) program in doing so. There are plenty of rules to follow—including standards outlined in The Joint Commission’s (TJC) patient safety systems chapter and Sentinel Event Policy and The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) root cause analysis (RCA) requirements. The idea is straightforward—to learn from past patient safety events to better protect those under your care. Achieving system improvements to satisfy the feds is less so.

In this informative webinar, presented by hospital compliance consultant Sue Dill Calloway, you will learn to use current standards to structure an integrated patient safety system. Callo-way will teach you to answer for yourself the questions surveyors ask during a validation or certification survey so that you’re better prepared to meet requirements. She’ll also explain how to involve staff in patient safety initiatives, institute non-punitive systems for reporting mistakes, analyze the cause of each serious safety event, and incorporate sentinel event alerts into your practices.

After attending, you’ll fully understand the CMS final QAPI worksheet section on patient safe-ty, the TJC sentinel event policy and procedures, and the RCA requirements your hospital must meet. You’ll know how to analyze past safety errors in a way that is both thorough and credi-ble—and use that information to demonstrate your hospital’s ability to improve both patient safety and quality of care.

Turn your hospital into a learning institution—a place that makes smart use of patient safety data and leans on a team of responsible, accountable personnel to create a culture of safety for all.

Session Highlights

This webinar will teach you to:

  • Understand CMS’s final QAPI worksheet on patient safety
  • Understand TJC’s chapter on patient safety systems
  • Know the definitions of: patient safety event, adverse event, sentinel event, medical error, near miss, close call, etc.
  • Properly train staff on patient safety expectations
  • Perform root cause analysis on all serious preventable adverse events
  • Know how to respond to a patient safety event
  • Know what to report and when
  • Set up a non-punitive reporting protocol
  • Use collected data proactively
  • Develop an action plan for implementing an integrated patient safety system
  • Create a fair, just, and safe hospital culture

Session Agenda

  • CMS hospital CoPs on patient safety tracer and RCA requirements
  • QAPI Patient safety AE and medical errors
  • CMS issues memo on AE
  • Adverse event reporting
  • TJC sentinel event policy and procedures
  • Patient safety program Jan 2017
  • Proactive risk assessment policy
  • System analysis approach
  • TJC framework for conducting an RCA
  • TJC patient safety systems chapter
  • Role of leaders in patient safety
  • Proactive approach to preventing harm
  • And more!

Who Should Attend

This online presentation will benefit anyone responsible for ensuring hospital patient safety and care quality, as well as compliance with CMS and/or TJC standards, including:

  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Senior Leaders including CEO, COO, CNO, CMO etc.
  • Risk managers and staff
  • TJC accreditation director
  • Compliance officers
  • CMS regulatory compliance staff
  • Department directors
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Educators
  • Nurse managers and supervisors
  • Consumer advocates
  • Quality improvement director and staff
  • In-house legal counsel

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Sue Dill Calloway - Hospital Coding Expert

Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD, is the president of Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education company with a focus on medical-legal education especially Joint Commission and the CMS hospital CoPs regulatory compliance. She also lectures on legal, risk management and patient safety issues. She was a director for risk management and patient safety for five years for the Doctors Company. She was the past VP of...   More Info
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