How to minimize Bed Bugs infestations: Complying with HUD

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Best Practices in Bed Bug Control and Prevention and Complying with HUD Rules


A few years ago the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study on the prevalence of bed bugs in American hospitals. The study revealed an increase in the frequency of pest management services in hospitals to get rid of bed bugs. A few years later, bed bug infestation has become a serious problems in the U.S.—and not only in community housing but hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common in the medical setting. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bed bugs have now become resistant to many of the common pesticides, and are able to survive even when attacked by chemicals and irritants that would otherwise kill other types of pests.

Do you know patients may be entitled to compensation, if they suffer an illness or injury due to bed bugs in a healthcare setting?

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released two notices and much written information on this issue. You need to make certain you are carrying out all of the agency’s requirements on bed bugs. Information and knowledge is crucial in combating this problem. We also need to know HUD’s position on this issue and what is expected of the management by HUD to continue to be compliant in all areas.

In this session, expert speaker Debbie Hixon will provide you best practices, tips and strategies on tackling the bed bug problem in your facility. You will understand the challenges and get the know-how to deal with the menace from a chemical, physical and behavioral standpoint. Know when, how and whom to partner with to get successful results and understand the barriers to fighting this problem. After attending this session, you will have the latest, helpful resources for complying with HUD to fight bed bugs before they become a serious compliance headache.

Session Highlights:

  • HUD changes to inspectors for conducting a REAC inspection
  • Notifying residents of bed bug infestation in the facility—The dos and don’ts
  • Responsibility of hospitals upon discovering there is a problem with bed bugs
  • Major challenges in fighting bed bug infestation
  • Potential solutions to overcome the challenges
  • Using training tools and how to do it best

Who should attend?

Personnel in Primary - Hospital, Secondary – home health, hospice, and long term care. Healthcare facility managers and staff.

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

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About Our Speaker

Debbie Hixon

Debbie Hixon is the president and Owner of Hixon Training & Consulting, LLC with over 25 years in the Affordable Housing Industry. Hixon travels country-wide to present training on HUD topics.

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