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Time to Revise Your Partnership Agreement as Per Current Trends & Issues in the Medical Environment!

When was the last time you reviewed your partnership or group practice agreement to make sure it reflects current trends and issues in the medical environment? The agreement your physician signed ‘light years’ ago may be vague and contain obsolete values for buy-in/buy-outs. Your income distribution formulas may be sowing seeds of discontent or maybe your partnership is suddenly faced with an untimely departure of a revenue generating physician or a steep buy-out. As we know, the consultants are only called in the time of crisis – sudden death, disability, or departure of a physician.  

Join Debra Phairas, MBA, a practice management and malpractice prevention expert, in this informative session to learn the elements of Partnership/Shareholder/Buy-Sell issues and current trends, particularly the differences between junior/senior members.

In this 60-minute webinar, Debra will share the following with you:

  • The Seven Dangers Signs to Look Out for in Partnerships
  • The Four Characteristics of a Good Partnership
  • Code of Ethics
  • Examples of Expense Share Formulas vs. Income Sharing Formulas
  • Incentive Programs to Bring in New Associates
  • In-exact vs. Exact Buy-in Formulas
  • New Trends on Buy-out Formulas
  • Vesting Formulas for External Purchases of Group
  • Tips for Planning MD Retirement
  • Learning Negotiating skills

Get answers to questions that matter:

  • Why Yearly Strategic Planning Meetings are essential?
  • Income Distribution Formula – Does this currently reflect productivity/fairness?
  • Expense Share Agreement Formulas – Why some can game the system for low/high producers?
  • Senior Perks – Do the junior partners agree?
  • Dropping Call – What age, what is the worth?
  • Dropping / Going to Part Time – Should the physician remain a partner or not?
  • Buy/Sell Formulas – Do they reflect current trends in Goodwill, A/R and Tangible Assets?
  • Death & Disability – What are the formulas for responsibility for overhead and buy out?
  • Key Person and Business Overhead insurance – why you may need these?
  • Age/Decline in Skills/Impairment/Mandatory Physicals/Counseling – Should your group needs to have these provisions?
  • Ethics/Conflicts of Interest/Principles of Practice/Compliance – Why it’s important to put these in agreements?

Who should attend

Physicians, Group practice administrators/managers, Hospital administrators, MSO managers


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About Our Speaker

Debra Phairas

Debra Phairas is President of Practice & Liability Consultants, LLC a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention. Her background includes medical clinic administration and loss prevention management for NORCAL Mutual, a physician malpractice insurance carrier in Northern California. Her BS is from Michigan State University and her graduate work at Golden Gate University San Francisco MBA Health Services Administration program. Her consulting experience includes over 2,000...   More Info
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