Three Steps to Avoid Becoming a Lone Wolf Leader

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Learn the Tools to Build Trust, Engagement, and Accountability Within Your Team


Most people can oversee a team, but leading a team effectively is a different ball game altogether. It means letting go of the idea that you must do it all. Leaders with a “Lone Wolf Mentality” collaborate less, work in silos, and focus more on their self-interest than the wider company/team goals. Some of the greatest achievements in business, politics, and other areas have not come from individual initiative alone – but from those who worked with their teams, organizations, and communities.

Explore and apply the three simple steps to avoiding the “Lone Wolf Mentality” and be seen as a worthy leader by joining this webinar with industry expert Ron Rael. Rael will walk you through real-life solutions and proven tools that have worked for Rael, his team, and his clients. You will learn how to utilize your team’s talents (instead of having to do all the work yourself), get your team members to demonstrate professional behaviors, and make better decisions.

This webinar is anchored with stories, humor, creative learning techniques, reinforcement, and visual clues to help you learn faster and retain the information longer. You will learn how to use and apply the five tools to quickly build trust, engagement, and accountability within your team. By the end of this webinar, you will know how to write an individualized action plan to improve your current situation, and take your leadership skills to the next level.

After attending this session, you will have an immediate action plan to improve your decision-making process. You will know how to think, act and behave like a successful leader who utilizes the talents of the team.

Session Highlights

You will learn:

  • How to stop being a lone wolf and start being a better leader
  • How to get employees to demonstrate professional behaviors
  • How to get your team to make better decisions
  • The 3 steps to be perceived as a worthy leader
  • 5 tools to quickly build trust, engagement, and accountability within the team
  • From real-life solutions (instead of theory)
  • Proven effective tools and solutions that have worked successfully

Who Should Attend

New, inexperienced, and experienced leaders in the role of:

  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Team leader
  • Project manager
  • Lead
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About Our Speaker

Ron Rael

Ron Rael is a leadership sparkplug and the CEO and founder of the High Road® Institute. When Rael noticed a lack of high-quality leaders in business and society, he chose to be part of the solution which resulted in the formation of the High Road Institute. The High Road Institute is an organization that provides insightful products and services that are contemporary and address the art of leadership.

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