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Long Term Care Training Programs: New Ways to Conquer Your Toughest Trouble Spots

Long term care facilities are always coping with significant challenges: MDS survey compliance, new CoPs, quality of care measurements under MACRA, staffing issues, reimbursement holes, risk management – you name it. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently issued the first updates to the long term care Conditions of Participation (CoPs) in 25 years. The changes are wide-ranging and affect almost all areas of LTC facilities’ operations.

Whether your challenges are new or old, ProfEdOnDemand offers innovative strategies that can boost your facility’s revenue and plug your long term care compliance pitfalls. Especially designed for the professionals working in long term care centers, our audio conferences assist in overcoming the challenges of long term care billing, coding, documentation, and other compliance related issues.

You’ll learn how to survive the feds’ newest compliance traps and discover surprising new ways to conquer your toughest trouble spots, such as:

  • Long term care Conditions of Participation
  • Long term care (LTC) billing
  • Long term care coding
  • Medical necessity coding issues
  • Long term care documentation issues
  • Risk management
  • MACRA and MIPs

Tackling Long Term Care Compliance

Improve the level of long term care services in your facility and ensure the longevity of your own business and practice with our online long term care training programs. ProfEdOnDemand offers:

  • Customized long term care training on the latest healthcare compliance updates
  • Training straight from the veterans of the industry
  • The ability to ask questions during Q&A sessions that follow every online training conference, allowing you to clear up any lingering confusion by getting advice directly from our long term care experts
  • Helpful presentation materials and handouts, including PPT slides, to take away for future reference and continued learning
  • The flexibility to attend live conferences, request replays of previous webinars (on-demand) or buy long term care training DVD recordings or PDF transcripts

Don’t forget to check out our annual Coding Updates conference, and our ProfEdOnDemand Blog features regular updates on long term care and other healthcare compliance topics.