Comply with New CMS Tag 679 Activities for Long-Term Care Facilities

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Do Activities in Your Nursing Home Meet Residents’ Needs—and CMS Rules?

Nursing home activities often fail to meet resident’s physical, emotional, and cognitive needs—leaving them bored and lonely. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sought to address this problem back in 1989 when it implemented requirements for patient participation in long-term care facilities. Now, the agency has revised those requirements (effective November 2017), and you’ve got new rules to follow when establishing activities in a nursing home setting. Is your facility in compliance with CMS Tag 679?

If you are still offering the traditional, institutional group activities, it’s time to change course. Get up to speed on Tag 679, as industry expert Carmen Bowman walks you through the regulatory text as well as five pages of interpretive guidance. Bowman will also introduce you to a new survey tool, the Critical Element Pathway for Activities, which surveyors use to determine if your facility is meeting its residents’ activity needs. By using this tool, you’ll learn to spot—and respond to—deficiencies before they become violations for your facility!

After attending this audio conference, you will understand the regulations, guidance, and survey protocols associated with patient participation—and be aware of the 195 references to Activities throughout the CMS requirements. It’s time to turn away from traditional activity programming. Equip yourself and your staff to provide meaningful, purposeful, and engaging activities tailored to your resident’s needs and limitations. Happy, fulfilled residents and CMS compliance go hand in hand!

Session Highlights

This session will discuss:

  • The regulatory text of Tag 679 Activities
  • The intent of Tag 679, which now includes the 7 domains of well-being
  • Interpretive guidance for Tag 679
  • The 195 references to Activities in other CMS requirements
  • The Activities Critical Element Pathway survey tool
  • The best practices for individualized engagement in real-life activities

Session Agenda

  • F679 Activities
  • The 7 domains of well-being in regulation
    • Identity
    • Autonomy
    • Security
    • Connectedness
    • Meaning
    • Growth
    • Joy
  • Promote the domains of well-being
  • Guidance §483.24(c)
  • What to review in advance to guide observations and interviews
  • Critical element decisions

Who Should Attend

  • Registered nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • Licensed vocational nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Nursing home medical directors
  • Nursing home executive directors
  • Nursing home facilities directors

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About Our Speaker

Carmen Bowman


Carmen Bowman is a consultant, trainer, author and owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change turning her former role of regulator into educator. Carmen was a Colorado state surveyor for nine years, a policy analyst with CMS Central Office where she taught the national Basic Surveyor Course and the first certified activity professional to be a surveyor. As a contractor to CMS, Carmen co-developed the...   More Info
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