Bumpy Road Towards EMR Implementation

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Mary Falbo, MBA, CPC
60 Minutes
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It Is More Important Than Ever That Physicians And Users Of EMRs Review Appropriate Risk Areas Of EMR Use...

Physicians are challenged with using EMR appropriately and are looking towards CMS (Medicare) to provide clearer guidelines. The use of EMR has facilitated accurate coding, not intentional fraud by most providers. Furthermore, Physicians face the challenging demands of balancing patient care while navigating through the current health care delivery systems that take more away from patient care and spend an increasing part of their day on the EMR system itself.  The Obama electronic medical record mandate has placed financial burden on some providers that some are opting out and doing concierge medicine.

Join now for this 60-minutes enlightening session presented by expert speaker Mary Falbo, CEO & Founder of Millennium Healthcare Consulting, who will give you some practical compliance documentation tips to keep in mind when using EMR system. Also, physician practices can use an EMR to boost their profitability. Mary will provide them with five tips to help them understand how an EMR can contribute to bottom line growth.

Session Highlights:

• EMR Overview & What You Can Do To Mitigate Your Risk ?
• EMR and Healthcare Fraud – OIG Focus on EMR Fraud as a part of the 2013 Work Plan.
• EMR Advantages and Financial Incentives
• Insights on EMR and meaningful use requirements and Financial Implications.
• Data Quality & Documentation Integrity.
• Reviewing 5 tips where EMRs can potentially boost your bottom line.
• How to conduct audits to detect inadvertent EMR documentation bad habits and risks.
• Why is EMR Data Necessary ?
• Accepting & Adopting EMRs
• EMR and Coding – Challenges ahead related to Time constraints, Software challenges & lack of Physician Education.
• Enhancing Compliance with EMR :
  1. Timeliness of Documentation
  2. Closed Visit Validation
  3. E/M Procedure & Diagnosis Accuracy
  4. Compliant addendum to the EMR
  5. Compliant Physician Queries
  6. “Smart Tools” and Smart Logic (Shortcuts)
• Hidden Malpractice dangers in EMR
  1. Too Much Information
  2. Boiler plate templates
  3. Changing the Standard of care
  4. Attention to the patient
• What is a “Legal EMR” & how to conduct audits to detect inadvertent EMR documentation bad habits and risks.

Plus, Review the four areas of concerns in EMRs:

  • Authorship integrity: borrowing record entries from another source or author and representing or displaying past as current documentation and (in some instances) misrepresenting or inflating the nature and intensity of services provided.
  • Auditing integrity: inadequate auditing functions that make it impossible to detect when an entry was modified or borrowed from another source and misrepresented as an original entry by an authorized user.
  • Documentation integrity: automated insertion of clinical data and visit documentation using templates or similar tools with predetermined documentation components with uncontrolled and uncertain clinical relevance.
  • Patient identification and demographic accuracy: automated demographic or registration entries generating erroneous patient identification, leading to patient safety and quality of care issues as well as enabling fraudulent activity involving patient identity theft or providing unjustified care for profit.
  • And Much More...

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

Who should attend? physicians, compliance officers, practice administrators, healthcare attorneys and CPAs and other allied healthcare providers such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists.


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About Our Speaker

Mary Falbo - Electronic Health Records (EHR) Coding Expert

Mary Falbo, CEO & Founder of Millennium Healthcare Consulting, Inc.®, and her team of professionals have over 25 years of experience in the industry with a focus on physician compliance, coding, billing, and reimbursement issues. We help our clients identify, plan and implement the best strategic approach to their coding, compliance and revenue enhancement needs. Not only do we educate and empower them on how to maintain documentation and coding...   More Info
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