Coding Errors That Can Lead To Audits and Impact Your Cash Flow

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Kim Garner-Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO, COC
60 minutes
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Coding Errors: What can go wrong? What can you do?

If you don’t want your payment claims to be delayed for months because of coding and billing errors, you need an expert to guide you in the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of making “clean claims.” If you know about the most common coding errors, you’ll know where to look for and how to prevent them.

This webinar by expert speaker Kim Garner-Huey, MJ, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO will help you do that exactly in just 60 minutes. She will review the most common coding errors and tell you how to avoid them with definitive resources. You will also learn how to use the coding books along with bundling edits to accurately describe the services performed.

Coding and billing errors can also threaten the security of payments, or may result in denials. For worse, it may mean recoupment with the threat of fines and penalties. Attending this 60-minute session will help you shield your practice from these threats.

Session Highlights:

  • Correct modifier application – which modifier is correct and where to apply?
  • Common coding errors—what are the ramifications?
  • Where to find the information on 411?
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule –what you need to know
  • Discussion on Medicare Claims Processing Manual
  • Modifier magic—an insight
  • Review of Diagnosis coding – how specific must I be?
  • Insights on Diagnosis coding – does the order matter?
  • Discussion on Bundling edits – why do we have to check these?
  • Medicare Global Surgical Package—and what’s not included in it
  • Discussion on National Correct Coding Initiative
  • Use of Modifiers with CCI Edits
  • Insights on EMR issues
  • How to balance Medical Necessity and Meaningful Use
  • Discussion on Physician-EHR diagnosis challenges
  • How to determine the appropriate charge for a service?
  • Keeping up with change

Who should attend:

Managers, Coders, Billing Managers, Billing Staff


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About Our Speaker

Kim Garner Huey - Health Care Management Expert

Kim Garner-Huey, MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO, COC, is an independent coding and reimbursement consultant, providing audit, training and oversight of coding and reimbursement functions for physicians.

Kim completed three years of pre-medical education at the University of Alabama before she decided that she preferred the business side of medicine. She completed a bachelor’s degree in health care management and went on to...   More Info
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