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Top-Notch Training on 2020 CPT® Code Changes

Every year, the CPT® codes and guidelines are revised and updated to accommodate current terminology, technology and practice. The American Medical Association makes these updates each fall, and the changes go into effect on January 1 of the following year.

In 2020 CPT® will see hundreds of code, guideline and text changes in the codes that are universally used in the U.S. healthcare system to report services to providers, insurers and accrediting organizations. To correctly interpret and report medical procedures and services, coders need to study the AMA’s official publication, of course, but they also often need help decoding the codes.

Learn CPT With the Pros

Keeping up with these annual code changes may seem daunting, but there are things you can do to get your ducks in a row, and you can start by attending ProfEdOnDemand’s audio conferences. Presented by coding industry veterans, these sessions provide healthcare professionals tips and updates on 2020 CPT® coding changes, ICD-10 updates, guidelines on E/M, modifiers, OIG Work Plan, insights on documentation challenges, the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS), and more!

Plus, attendees will also get 1 AAPC CEU from each 2020 coding updates conference.

Sneak preview of what’s in store for you:

  • Demystify the 2020 CPT® coding updates
  • Find out which updates and guidelines could really affect your coding and reimbursement in 2020
  • Coding for medical necessity
  • Medicare billing updates and Medicare compliance updates
  • New CPT codes for 2020, CPT coding changes and new CPT coding guidelines
  • 2020 CPT® will transform how you report aspirations: We’ll show you the correct code
  • Get heaps of examples on how CPT® changes will affect your specialty
  • Identify what documentation payers may expect you to provide for full reimbursement
  • Insight on general changes including guidelines, modifiers, E/M codes, OIG work plan and the MPFS final rule
  • Challenges that specialty coders will face in the new year

Rather than fiddling with the endless onslaught of information about CPT® 2019 coding, let us do it for you. Our conferences offer a range of training solutions, our annual Coding Updates conference is not to be missed, and our ProfEdOnDemand Blog features regular updates on coding and billing topics. Be sure to sign up for ProfEdOnDemand Compass, your free healthcare compliance e-newsletter.

Orthopedic Coding Training in All Formats

ProfEdOnDemand’s coding and billing training programs provide expert strategies to orthopedic practices that focus on the hottest compliance issues, the basics and advanced topics. Our conferences offer a range of training solutions, and our ProfEdOnDemand Blog features regular updates on coding and billing for orthopedics and other compliance topics. Stay ahead of your peers by getting professional training on the 2020 coding updates with our audio conferences and webinars.

Our 2020 CPT coding training programs offer you the easy ability to:

  • Learn about the latest updates on 2020 CPT coding and billing from the comfort of your home, office, or conference room
  • Earn AAPC-approved CEUs for your entire staff at affordable prices for live medical coding and billing conferences or webinars
  • Learn from the pros! We have the industry's best speakers, consultants and expert coders who have worked in the healthcare business for many years to develop deep expertise in the field of healthcare coding and billing
  • Take away medical billing and coding training presentation materials like PPTs and other handouts for future reference and continued learning
  • Order a transcript or insstant access of your favorite conferences
  • Ask questions directly to the experts during the Q&A session that follows every live medical coding conference and resolve any your doubts and questions about correct 2020 CPT coding and billing

We look forward to your joining us today!