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Grasp the Valuable Gastroenterology Coding Updates to Save Yourself Future Headaches

Gastroenterology coding updates occur every year, meaning that it’s up to you to learn what has changed for gastroenterology practice. That may seem daunting, but our gastroenterology coding conferences are here to help.

Avoid making the mistake of under-coding or even over-coding by being vigilant about accuracy. Otherwise, you could risk the loss of earned revenues and incur fines for your gastroenterology practice. Attend our gastroenterology coding webinars at to safeguard your payments.

Whether you’re stumbling over ICD codes, CPT® codes, modifiers, or coding compliance, the in-depth knowledge of right coding and billing procedures is essential to help your practice remain compliant and financially sound. These power-packed gastroenterology conferences will give you the answers to the toughest coding questions. With the channeling of knowledge in various gastroenterology coding training, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges introduced by ICD-10 and CPT® 2018.

Prepare for 2018 Coding Challenges with Gastroenterology Conferences

CPT® 2018 brings about a myriad of changes and procedures that are an indispensable part in your routine report of your gastroenterology practice. Here's a preview of what’s ahead:

  • Do you know how to use new codes for esophagoscopy performed with a rigid scope via an oral route, along with a flexible scope via nasal route? Find out
  • Make sure you use the latest codes added for stent placements, ablation, and dilation of the esophagus
  • Check out how to use new codes for ERCP: stent placements, removals, insertion of drainage tubes, and ablation that are added in gastroenterology coding
  • Adopt these descriptor changes to many old ERCP codes

With over 14 years of experience, ProfEdOnDemand has enabled tremendous value addition to healthcare professionals on a daily basis. With our gastroenterology coding conferences and webinars, you will learn about compliance risk with appropriate use of modifiers, identification of new codes with in-depth explanations, understanding CPT® logic and guidelines changes. If you don't have time to weed through the never-ending onslaught of information about coding updates or search for gastroenterology conferences, don’t waste your time searching for solutions; let us do that work for you with our gastroenterology coding training.

The informative gastroenterology conferences and webinars comprise various valuable guidelines – understanding the appropriate usage of history codes for patients with colon cancer and delving into the disorders of the colon and intestine, and the separate codes with different criteria and instructions. A small mistake could alert the ever-watchful RACs of a potential fraud or abuse resulting in denials in your much-deserved reimbursement. Get real-life solutions to your toughest coding challenges with gastroenterology conferences and coding training at