Embrace the ICD 10 Audit Process – Be Ready and Know What You Need to Know

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Understand How the ICD-10 Audit Process Works, and Discover and Correct Potential Issues

ICD-10 is cited as being one of the most significant changes in the healthcare industry. In ICD-10, there are nearly 5 times as many diagnosis codes and 19 times as many procedure codes compared to ICD-9. ICD-10 impacts every physician, hospital and healthcare entity and specialty. Failure to address correct coding and reporting will have major repercussions on your revenue cycles. Minimize the risks of reduced revenue and decelerated payments with a robust governance framework.

Organizations are well served when they understand how audits will work and proactively discover and correct any issues internally rather than wait for any external audit that may carry considerable financial risk and potential penalties, not to mention the reputational damage.

This presentation by our speaker Susan Ulrey, an audit expert will help you understand whether your preparations for ICD-10 have paid off. You will be able to develop a governance framework for self-assessments and readiness assessments. It will help you in evaluating the gaps and will ensure that they are addressed.

Get the tools for a solid framework for conducting self-assessments, a checklist for preparing for third party audits and tips for handling the initial year of implementation, and a framework for handling assessments and remediation. In addition, we will walk through some specific examples to help support frequently asked questions and unique aspects of the first year post go live.

The focus on the preparing for audits can result in a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses within your organization and can generate major wins operationally and financially. You can minimize the financial risks. Adding to it, results of the audits can lead to opportunities for improvement in quality assurance, clinical documentation, organizational improvement including system enhancements, both in the long run and short term. This should translate into better patient outcomes. By better understanding the unique aspects of the initial implementation you can better plan and prepare for those areas of focus.

You can use the results of the audits for branding and marketing purposes to demonstrate commitment to quality. Positive audit results may lead to fewer external reviews being conducted.

Session Highlights:

  • Comparison of ICD-10 to ICD-9 and focus on the key areas of ICD-10 through examples and illustrations.
  • Important additions and changes in ICD-10 such as left and right coding, coding changes related to fractures and musculoskeletal.
  • Get the tools for a strong and robust framework for conducting self-assessments.
  • A framework for handling readiness assessments and remediation and a checklist for preparing for third party audits.
  • Understand different phases of the Audit Process:
    • Audit readiness assessment;
    • Gap analysis and Testing;
    • Remediation activities;
    • Audit preparation and documentation gathering;
    • Audit Fieldwork- Communications and Feedback loop;
    • The third party audit and Post audit activities.
  • Analysis and addressing risk in the following spheres: Financial, Administrative, Third Parties and Regulatory.
  • The challenges faced in the first year of implementation and tips for handling the initial year of implementation.
  • High impact areas that should continue to be monitored and continuation of training.
  • Discuss CMS audits and get answers to many frequently asked questions.
  • Walk through some specific examples to help support frequently asked questions and unique aspects of the first year post-implementation.
  • Implications of the audits and how they can help your organization in the long term to develop strategies beyond year one

Who should attend?

  • Auditors and compliance specialists
  • Coders
  • Medical researchers
  • Physicians and other providers
  • Clinicians and others responsible for ICD-10.

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About Our Speaker

Susan Ulrey - HIPAA Compliance Audit Expert

Susan Ulrey, FCA, CFE, CIA, QIAL, CRISC, CRMA, MBA is a consultant with expertise in strategy, finance, and controls. Her decades of healthcare industry experience spans all company types and sizes. She has served more than 200 clients throughout her career and has been a frequent speaker at more than 40 industry and professional conferences in the last three years.

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