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Optometry Billing and Coding Conferences

Diagnostic tests are the bread and butter of most optometry practices. But staying on top of which diagnostic tests you can report per eye – and which modifiers different carriers prefer for bilateral tests – can be challenging. Not keeping that information straight can be costly if your claims are denied. Inappropriate use of modifiers on your diagnostic tests is a common cause of denials from your insurance carriers, and leaving off needed modifiers can also cause underpayment on your claims.

Don’t Lose Sight of These Optometry Tips to Enhance Your Practice

Getting the latest and greatest expert advice about optometry coding and billing will help you boost your coding accuracy, decrease denials and safeguard your payments. Let ProfEdOnDemand help you keep your practice’s coding practices current with a full range of optometry audio conferences. 

Our optometry coding courses cover the following key topics:

  • Newest CPT guidelines from AMA
  • Private payer rules and audits
  • This year’s ICD 10 updates for optometry coding
  • Modifiers for optometry services and procedures
  • Correct use of modifier 50 for bilateral procedure
  • Bilateral indicator and whether a CPT code is billable per eye or only once for both eyes
  • Evaluation and management (E/M) coding
  • Documentation standards
  • Proper billing practices

Prepare Clear-Eyed Claims

Our speakers are respected consultants with accreditations from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and many others, and they’ve spent years in the industry developing specialized expertise in their fields. Our optometry coding experts can therefore pay special attention to the needs and concerns of the practicing eye care coder.

ProfEdOnDemand’s coding and billing training programs provide expert strategies to optometry practices, coders and billers that focus on the hottest compliance issues, the basics and advanced topics. Our conferences offer a range of training solutions that offer you the ability to:

  • Learn about the latest updates on optometry coding and billing from the comfort of your home, office, or conference room
  • Earn AAPC-approved CEUs for your entire staff at affordable prices for live medical coding and billing conferences or webinars
  • Take away medical billing and optometry coding training presentation materials like (PPTs) and other handouts for future reference and continued learning
  • Order a transcript, DVD or CD of your favorite conferences
  • Ask questions directly to the experts during the Q&A session that follows every live medical coding conference and resolve any your doubts and questions about correct optometry coding and billing

Our ProfEdOnDemand Blog features regular updates on coding and billing for optometry, ophthalmology and eye care compliance topics. And ProfEdOnDemand’s annual virtual coding boot camp features tracks for all types of specialties to prepare practices for success next year.

We look forward to your joining us soon!