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Orthopedics Billing and Coding Conferences

If you are coding orthopedic procedures, services and surgeries, you know that correcting the problems that can occur in bones and muscles – let alone all the combinations of those problems – is complicated. From an open approach with an arthroscopic procedure to nondisplaced and complex fractures, your surgeon – and you! – have a lot to handle.

Orthopedic Audio Conferences Tailored to Your Needs

Ensure that you are following the latest orthopedics coding and billing guidelines, and stay up on the ICD-10 and CPT updates for next year by seeking the expert advice of our orthopedic coding speakers at ProfEdOnDemand. Having expert advice like this about the hottest topics in orthopedics means you can boost your coding accuracy, decrease denials and safeguard your payments.

Our legendary annual virtual coding boot camp is the must-attend event of the year, offering five sessions over two days for orthopedic coding alone! Boost your coding accuracy, decrease denials and safeguard your payments by joining us for an orthopedic coding webinar or audio conference on:

  • Orthopedic coding basics
  • Assigning arthroscopic procedure codes and arthroscopically aided procedures
  • Fracture care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Orthopedic claim denials
  • ICD-10 updates
  • CPT updates
  • Correct use of modifiers
  • Coding for medical necessity
  • Documentation tips
  • Billing tips
  • OIG reports and compliance issues

Orthopedic Coding Training in All Formats

ProfEdOnDemand’s coding and billing training programs provide expert strategies to orthopedic practices that focus on the hottest compliance issues, the basics and advanced topics. Our conferences offer a range of training solutions, and our ProfEdOnDemand Blog features regular updates on coding and billing for orthopedics and other compliance topics.

Our orthopedic coding training programs offer you the easy ability to:

  • Learn about the latest updates on orthopedic coding and billing from the comfort of your home, office, or conference room
  • Earn AAPC-approved CEUs for your entire staff at affordable prices for live medical coding and billing conferences or webinars
  • Learn from the pros! We have the industry's best speakers, consultants and expert coders who have worked in the healthcare business for many years to develop deep expertise in the field of healthcare coding and billing
  • Take away medical billing and coding training presentation materials like (PPTs) and other handouts for future reference and continued learning
  • Order a transcript, DVD or CD of your favorite conferences
  • Ask questions directly to the experts during the Q&A session that follows every live medical coding conference and resolve any your doubts and questions about correct orthopedic coding and billing

We look forward to your joining us today!