My name is Allecia Harley, but people call me Allecia Harley. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Allecia Harley - Pharmacy Training Expert

Allecia Harley

Clinical Research, Epidemiologist, Researcher, Clinical Trial Billing, Pharma

Allecia has 20 years of experience serving healthcare and higher education clients as an epidemiologist, researcher, administrator, and management consultant. She works extensively with clinical research executives in a variety of areas, including: budgeting, contracting; in-study management; policy, procedure, and template development; policy and procedure audits, and overall roles and responsibilities.

is a subject matter expert on research billing compliance and has conducted more than five hundred (500) coverage analyses, overseen the work of more than thirty (30) coverage analysts on greater than eighteen (1800) hundred protocols, trained more than six hundred (600) individuals on the technique, and managed this work for more than fifty-five (55) institutions across the country. In addition, she advises clients on using the coverage analysis for budgeting, feasibility review, charge segregations and billing compliance.

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