My name is Bart Rupert, but people call me Bart Rupert. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Bart Rupert

Bart Rupert

Bart Rupert has a solid track record of negotiating deals and accelerating growth both as an entrepreneur and executive across established corporations. He has been involved in the growth of over a dozen start-up companies and is a highly sought after turn-around specialist and growth agent for large and small companies throughout the United States. He is currently engaged with one of the top Inc 500 companies in the US as the senior executive responsible for technology, growth, and deal negotiations as they work their way to a $1B company. He previously served as the COO of Plexis Healthcare Systems where the company grew through strategic alliances that Bart negotiated directly with companies such as Accenture, CSC, Cognizant, Noridian, WNS, etc. and became one of Microsoft’s HHS Strategic Alliance partners. Prior to Plexis, he served as the COO of Crib Notes Software, a niche EMR company, cultivating the organization into an internationally-recognized market leader. Bart also worked with large industry players including HBOC, McKesson, and FCG in various leadership roles while building start-up companies and advising leadership at other companies in parallel.

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