My name is Diana Waugh, but people call me Diana Waugh. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Diana Waugh - Long Term Care Coding Expert

Diana Waugh

Nursing Experience, Rehabilitation Program, Long Term Care Consultant

Diana Waugh brings both formal education and years of practical nursing experience to her audience. She has served on faculties in all types of nursing programs; managed a regional rehabilitation program; worked as a long term care consultant for over 15 years; and even learned how to write and produce television commercials. In each endeavor, teamwork has been the key to her success. Her belief in teamwork influences her approach to every topic she addresses.

The second driving force in Diana’s practice is the PERSON. Regardless of the topic she is addressing, her focus is the PERSON. As health care providers, it is not always possible to “make everything better” but care givers do hold the power to “make everything human.” In the enthusiasm for technological advances, the “little things” continue to make all the difference for both the residents and the staff members.

Creating and fostering a social model of care is high on Diana’s list of “musts” regardless of the setting where elderly receive care and services. This sounds easy, but probably raises the most challenges for licensed health care workers who have grown up in a system that has been totally medical model. Diana believes that true cultural change will occur when both the staff and the residents in long term care settings are confident and comfortable knowing they are being treated as valuable individuals.

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