My name is Donelle Holle, but people call me Donelle Holle. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an RN at

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Donelle Holle - Pediatrics Billing Coding Expert

Donelle Holle - RN


Donelle Holle is an RN with over 38 years of experience in Coding and Billing. She started in a pediatric office and left to go into consulting work. She has worked in Pediatrics most of her career even when doing consulting as primary care is her specialty with Pediatrics as her subspecialty. She is the past director of Professional billing for the University of MI, Dept. of Pediatrics where she oversaw all of the billing and coding for Pediatrics. She is currently President and CEO of Peds Coding Inc., a consulting firm that provides seminars on coding (both CPT® and ICD-10) and auditing. She is a national speaker for AAP, Sanofi Pasteur (doing only coding programs, no vaccines) as well as the Coding Institute. She is known for her lively and interactive seminars and performs them throughout the U.S. Her passion for Pediatrics shows in her seminars.

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