My name is Dr. Daniel Davidson, but people call me Dr. Daniel Davidson. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Dr. Daniel Davidson

Dr. Daniel Davidson

Dr. Daniel Davidson is an experienced consulting advisor, market and technical researcher in the field of engineering plastics and composites for the past 20+ years, focused on experience with resin producers, processors, additive suppliers and plastic compounders. He has lived and traveled extensively in Asia: working with the composites compounding and plastics additives industries in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea. He also owned and managed an independent testing and consulting laboratory, PlastiScience, LLC, focused on validation of consulting recommendations to clients.

PlastiScience had the capability to conduct complete product development of engineering plastics formulations and additive performance, using twin screw processing equipment, injection molding and comprehensive physical property examination and UL94 and UL746B RTI testing in the Client Witness Test Data Program. Daniel has consulted independently since 1993, previously owning DerriTech Consultants International, Inc. and now active with Beyond Limits LLC.

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