My name is Dr. David Edward Marcinko, but people call me Dr. David Edward Marcinko. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an MBA CMP at

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Dr. David Edward  Marcinko  - Medical Coding Expert

Dr. David Edward Marcinko - MBA CMP

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™ is founding CEO of the Institute of Medical Business Advisors. iMBA Inc is a leading national scope provider of real time medical practice management reports, books, dictionaries, journals, financial planning and advisory opinions, Fair Market Value appraisals and educational seminars. The firm serves physicians, nurses and medical societies; financial advisors, wealth managers and CPAs; emerging healthcare entities, hospitals, clinics, IPAs and their CXOs; the press, media and all related organizations. Previously, Dr. Marcinko was president of a Physician Practice Management Corporation [PPMC] and co-founder of an Ambulatory Surgery Center [ASC] sold to a public company. Today, as Editor-in-Chief of the influential Medical Executive-Post, he is a popular futurist, speaker, visiting professor and consultant, thought-leader and best selling author integrating medical economics, finance and modern transformational healthcare 2.0 business strategies.

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