My name is Dr. David Elder, but people call me Dr. David Elder. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Dr. David  Elder - ICH Quality Guidelines Expert

Dr. David Elder

Dr. Dave Elder studied chemistry at Newcastle upon Tyne (BSc, MSc), before moving to Edinburgh to study for a PhD in Crystallography. He is a visiting professor (King’s College, London). He has 38-years of experience at a variety of different pharmaceutical companies (Sterling, Syntex and GSK). Dr. Elder was a director within the product development group in GSK R&D, but is now an independent consultant.

He is a member of the British Pharmacopoeia (Expert Advisory Group PCY: Pharmacy), a council member of the Analytical Division, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), UK and the chairman of the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, UK. Dr. Elder is also a fellow of the RSC (FRSC). He has presented regularly on drug development and drug delivery. He has presented 13 webinars, authored 96 publications and given 114 external presentations at scientific symposia. He has co-edited one book on the Analytical Characterizationand Separation of Oligonucleotides and their Impurities and is co-editing a second book on the ICH Quality Guidelines.

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