My name is Dr. NK Kim, but people call me Dr. NK Kim. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Dr. NK Kim - Food Safety Consultant

Dr. NK Kim

Dr. NK Kim has 22 years’ broad spectrum of experience in food academia, government, and industry. Holding a doctorate degree in food science from the University of Georgia, NK taught in several universities and gave 100’s of professional seminars. Federal government experience gave him an opportunity to deeply understand regulatory aspect of food business. Industry background of NK’s comes from manufacturing company and later retail food service namely Burger King Corp., Captain D’s, and Tiger Soul. Food manufacturing companies trained NK as a product developer and marketer. Global restaurant chains made him global food safety and quality manager watching over 100’s of suppliers and 12,000 restaurant outlets.

NK is now working as a Food Consultant for food safety, regulatory, and quality concept development and execution of concepts.

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