My name is Joanne Rader, but people call me Joanne Rader. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an RN, MN at

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Joanne Rader - Mental Health billing Expert

Joanne Rader - RN, MN

Psychiatric, Mental Health Nursing

Joanne Rader, RN, MN graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing in 1968, and from Oregon Health Sciences University with a Masters in Psychiatric, Mental Health Nursing in 1979. She worked as a clinical specialist in mental health nursing in nursing homes for 27 years, in addition to being an Associate Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University, School of Nursing for 20 years. She is currently an independent consultant.

She was project director on a 3-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (1991-1994) to develop strategies to assist Oregon nursing homes in reducing the use of physical restraints and inappropriate psychoactive medications. She was a co-investigator for a research study designed to reduce the aggressive behaviors during bathing of persons with dementia. She was also co-investigator and interventionist for another NINR funded study looking at pain and its relationship to behavioral symptoms during morning care.

She has published numerous articles and books addressing the emotional needs and behavioral symptoms of persons with dementia including Individualized Dementia Care: Creative, Compassionate Approaches, and Bathing Without a Battle which received AJN Book of the Year awards in 1996 and 2002. She was also chosen "Distinguished Alumni of 2004" by Oregon Health and Science University, School of Nursing.

As a volunteer, founding member and board member of the Pioneer Network, she is working to change the culture of aging in America.

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