My name is Jodi Remick, but people call me Jodi Remick. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an CPC at

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Jodi Remick

Jodi Remick - CPC

Healthcare Compliance, Medical Auditor

Jodi Remick, CPC, is an expert in revenue cycle management. She has more than twenty years experience in medical billing, medical coding and practice management that includes the specialties of emergency medicine, physical therapy, oncology, internal medicine, general surgery, podiatry, ambulance, psychiatry, pediatrics and sports medicine. She has also participated in several EMR implementations.

Jodi excels in developing efficient operational processes and identifying opportunities for revenue enhancement. She often uses these skills as a consultant for practices that want to improve their revenue stream. In her current position, Jodi is responsible for educating emergency medicine physicians on documentation requirements, coding guidelines and compliance regulations.


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