My name is Jugna Shah, but people call me Jugna Shah. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an MPH at

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jugna Shah - Hospitals & Healthcare System Coding Expert

Jugna Shah - MPH

Hospitals, Health Systems, Advocacy Organizations, And International Governments On Regulatory And Health Care Financing Issues

Jugna Shah, MPH, is the president and founder of Nimitt Consulting Inc. and specializes in working with hospitals, health systems, advocacy organizations, and international governments on regulatory and health care financing issues. In the U.S., Ms. Shah works with hospitals to manage the clinical and financial operations related to OPPS/APCs.

She also raises important payment system issues to Medicare and the APC Advisory Panel to improve the APC system. Her most recent work has focused on OPPS issues related to injections and infusions, drug reimbursement, physician supervision requirements, and other billing and reimbursement compliance issues. She also works internationally with foreign governments on DRGs and inpatient health care policy and financing issues.

 Ms. Shah has conducted hundreds of seminars at the local and national level on various aspects of APCs. She has also worked with numerous providers on deciphering the complex coding and billing world of drug administration (injection and infusion) services, developing facility specific E/M visit guidelines, conducting coding and billing audits, using OCE edits to manage revenue and compliance risks, among others.

She has helped create a number of leading industry publications on OPPS/APCs, including HCPRO’s Briefings on APCs, the APC Answer Letter, and the APC Weekly Monitor, OPPS Drug Administration Strategies and The Drug Revenue Toolkit.

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