My name is Larry D. Bowe, but people call me Larry D. Bowe. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an BS, CFPMT, CFPMP at

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Larry D. Bowe - Food Safety Regulations Expert

Larry D. Bowe - BS, CFPMT, CFPMP

Larry D. Bowe, BS, CFPMT, CFPMP, is a principle consultant, food safety certified instructor, HACCP documentation specialist and, HR strategist. He believes in promoting global food safety as a catalyst for organizational growth, and in responsible food safety and sanitation practices as the framework that creates a culture of food safety.

Global food safety cultures infuse organizational process focused on managing the ever-changing dynamics that threaten organizational processes and brands. Larry believes you must first build a "frontline defense" that fuses customer service, vendor relations and your customers as partners who make your marketplace the world. He has helped many organizations develop a food safety strategy that is measurable, offering fixed point approaches and objectives that ensure their frontline food service workers have analyzed the best possible solutions in maintaining, correcting and documenting proof.

An organization food safety strategy taught by Larry will include specific plans to onboarding new staff and correct poor performance or behaviors, and it will offer input for quality assurance programs that measure overall compliance. Larry has successfully supervised over 5+ years of consecutive and over 12 years of deficiency-free surveys and operations, and of his 36-year food service career, 16 years were spent in the long term care (LTC) industry.  


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