My name is Leo Schafer, but people call me Leo Schafer. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an BS, MCSE at

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Leo Schafer - Clinical Documentation Expert

Leo Schafer - BS, MCSE

Clinical Documentation Systems, Speech Recognition Technology, Health Information Systems, Computer-Assisted Coding , Remote Coding, ICD-10CM/PCS,Natural Langauge Processing, Transcription Services

Leo Schafer BS, MCSE  is a Clinical Documentation and Computer-Assisted Coding Consultant at eMTS with 20 years of Health Information Management Sales experience across many US states.  Mr. Schafer has been a guest speaker at INHIMA, FHIMA,  CFHIMA, NEFHIMA, GHIMA, KHIMA, WiHIMA & MnHIMA. Leo has an IT background and has been involved in the implementation of various HIM systems as well as managed the coding technology infrastructure of a coding service company supporting small and large Health Systems.

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