My name is Mike Scott, but people call me Mike Scott. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an at

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Mike Scott

Mike Scott

Human Resources

Twenty years in the field of training and keynote speaking. This is how Mike Scott developed the information you can use to enhance the productivity of your employees and company - immediately.  

Scott believes that when you hear him, you will get information that has immediate and applicable "take-home" value. Leverage, of "information-to-application," is what he stresses.Scott knows that only the highest levels of accountability produce the kind of results you pay employees to achieve. Employee excuses have no place in business. His experience includes professional executive recruiting, Manager of Recruiting and Training for Reed Tool Company in Houston, and Human Resources Manager for the Energy Banking group of Republic Bank, now Bank of America. Scott started his own training and development company in July of 1984. He regularly speaks for, designs, and conducts training programs for both large and small companies like: McDonalds Corporation, Ernst & Young, AAA, and many others. He has the most memorable presentation style. His results provide continuous work with his client companies.