My name is Renee M. Jordan, but people call me Renee M. Jordan. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an Esq. at

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Renee M. Jordan - Long Term Care Training Expert

Renee M. Jordan - Esq.

Managed Care, ERISA, Worker’s Compensation, Hospital Liens, Probate and Bankruptcy

Renee Jordan is a partner in the law firm of Bacen & Jordan, P. A., a healthcare recovery law firm with principle offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The firm is exclusively dedicated to the provision of reimbursement and legal recovery services to the healthcare industry.  Renee has extensive experience in litigating healthcare providers’ claims in the area of Managed Care, ERISA, Worker’s Compensation, Hospital Liens, Probate and Bankruptcy.  Renee is a current member of the Florida Hospital Association, HFMA and AAHAM.  She is also the current Legal Affairs Chair to the Florida HFMA chapter and Legal Advisor / Board of Director to the Buccaneer and South Florida Chapters of AAHAM.  Renee is the author of several healthcare reimbursement articles for the HFMA and AAHAM publications.  She also regularly lectures at seminars on the topics of third party reimbursement and compliance with State and Federal Statutes.

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