My name is Russell A. Certo, but people call me Russell A. Certo. Here is my homepage: . I live in United States and work as an PT OCS at

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Russell A. Certo - Orthopedics Training Expert

Russell A. Certo - PT OCS

Physical Therapists

Russell A. Certo PT OCS is a 1982 graduate of Quinnipiac University. He was a staff Physical Therapists in various medical centers including the Burn Center at The University of North Carolina and was a Supervisor of inpatient orthopedics at Duke University Hospital. He opened his own Private Practice, Grand Island Physical Therapy PC in 1988 and designed and built the facility in which the M.O.G.SM and Grand Island Physical Therapy PC currently operate. Mr. Certo has published numerous articles on the M.O.G.SM concept and why the Physical Therapy Profession needs to be the leaders in filling exercise prescriptions.

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